Alpha Recovery Stack (1 month)

Alpha-Lean-Up v2 is a brand new compound that targets the androgen receptors in the muscles to create lean muscle growth and increase strength. Alpha-Lean-Up v2 is a non-toxic oral research compound with a very strong effectiveness profile and highly promising trial results showing exceptional and rapid learn muscle gain and growth.


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Non-toxic oral research and a distinct brand compound, Alpha-Lean-Up-v2, are composed of high properties intended to strengthen muscles’ growth. The users get promising, highly effective results by using or getting the trial of this compound. The compound is very effective in strengthening and improving the growth of muscles.

The Alpha Recovery Stack comprises Growth-Tech v2: Nano-K-677, Alpha-Lean-Up v2, Nu-LG-4022, Alpha-Recov-R: Nxt-MK-5866 to provide deeply effective and speedy results for the growth of muscles and makes them strengthen.


Molecular Formula of Growth-Tech v2: Nano-K-677 is C27H36N4O6S.

Objectives of Growth-Tech v2: Nano-K-677:

  • Recall Weight
  • Alpha Growth

Growth-Tech v2: Nano-K-677 is a secret agent growth hormone that is highly profiling and individually designed to strengthen your growth muscles. It works secretly to enhance the growth of muscles in subjects, including the improvement, repair, growth, and capability of the muscles. It is still in the development phase because the most unique and highly effective confidence agents are discovered over time.


Molecular Formula of Alpha-Lean-Up v2: Nu-LG-4022 is C14H12F6N21.

Objectives of Alpha-Lean-Up v2: Nu-LG-4022:

  • Spotless Dry Pump
  • Muscular Gain

Alpha-Lean-Up v2: Nu-LG-4022 is a new brand compound that plays an important role in the creation of lean muscles growth by dealing with the androgen muscles present in the muscles. The results of Alpha-Lean-Up v2: Nu-LG-4022 trials are observed profiling and the rapid output in the growth of muscles very highly and create the leaning in the muscles.


Molecular Formula of Alpha-Recov-R: Nxt-MK-5866 is C19H14F3N3O4.

Objectives of Alpha-Recov-R: Nxt-MK-5866:

  • Alpha Bounce Back
  • Phenomenally Recovery

An oral, non-toxic compound, Alpha-Recov-R: Nxt-MK-5866, works very effectively in all the subjects of muscles, including repairing and improving in growth to strengthen it. It helps the androgen receptors to provide relief and healing in the muscles tissues by cutting down the recovery periods.

Alpha-Recov-R is still under development stage that will soon work as an anti-muscle wasting agent on the commercial level. It is not approved yet for competitive athletes but attaining the highest-profile and effective properties in the rapid increase in the growth of muscles.

Although the Alpha-Recov-R, an oral compound, can be used and altered in the molecular structure to provide the best output in improving growth muscles.

The composition of this compound takes place after experiencing the well and extensive research to ensure the rapid effectiveness in the muscle’s growth. It attains highly demanding features around the international products and is intended to make it unique and highly effective.

All these products are rigid reliable, and purely manufactured with an ironclad guarantee of purity and quality.


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