IGF-1 LR3 is the next generation in performance enhancement for muscle building. It is the most important growth factor that our bodies produce, even more so than HGH. Spiked levels have been shown to drastically increase muscle growth as a result of training & the rapid repair of existing muscle fibers as well as the regeneration of new muscle fibers.


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Performance enhancement for muscle building is made possible by IGF-1 LR3. Our bodies produce more than HGH, and it is the most significant growth factor. It has been demonstrated that spiked levels result in increased muscle growth caused by the rapid repair of the existing muscles and the regeneration of the new powers.


IGF-1 BUNDLE is commonly named as Increased Muscle Cells Peptide or the Insulin Growth Spike. It attains unique qualities and comes in the market with a concentration of 1 mg and a volume of 3 ml vials.

In terms of muscle-building performance enhancement, IGF-1 LR3 represents a new generation. Even more critical than HGH, it is our body’s most important growth factor. Spiked levels produce a dramatic increase in muscle size due to the rapid repair of existing muscles and the rapid regeneration of new muscles resulting from training.

Instability Growth Factor 1 Long Lr3, or IGF1-LR3. Polypeptide hormone IGF-1 is similar to insulin in several ways. Children require IGF-1 for long bone growth, while adults require the hormone for their muscles’ growth, repair, and recovery.

Key Advantages:

  • Enhanced pumps
  • Bigger reps
  • Increased strength
  • Phenomenally increased lifts
  • Increased muscle cells
  • Faster recovery times


LYOPHOLISED powder containing 1MG of IGF-1 is supplied in vials that should be refrigerated. Nevertheless, they may be mailed without refrigeration (acceptable); to rehydrate the contents, add a convenient amount of sterile or bacteriostatic water.

For example:

  • 1mg of powder
  • 1ml of bacteriostatic water
  • equals 1,000 mcg/ml
  • equals x 10 doses of 100mcgs

The recommended dose of IGF-1 LR3 is 50-150mcg a day, five days a week. Desensitization In most cases, desensitization occurs after approximately 40 days or four weeks.

Inject the appropriate amount of insulin from an insulin syringe at the time of dosing. Using the example above, a dose of 100 mcg would require only 10.20 IU of insulin, as specified on the insulin syringe.

Insulin-like growth factor 1, also called IGF-1, has been discussed in the press and famous nutrition authors.

Holford associates milk consumption with increased levels of IGF-1 and concludes that because IGF1 “is strongly linked to an improved risk of heart and cardiovascular disease and even breast and prostate cancer,” milk is potentially harmful.

Those were powerful words I couldn’t digest. Isn’t it, guys?

Dietitian conducted a literature review of recently published articles describing research on IGF-1 and related compounds. But what are the research results telling us? We got you covered up in this article as we got all the latest and essential information to share with you.

IGF-1 is a hormone that your body produces naturally. It was known as somatomedin. IGF, which comes mainly from the liver, works very similarly to insulin. IGF helps control the secretion of growth hormones in the pituitary gland. IGF works with growth hormones to promote the growth and development of bones and tissues. These hormones also affect the way the body metabolizes sugar or glucose. IGF and insulin can work together to lower blood sugar quickly.

IGF-1 and synthetic analogs of IGF-1 have therapeutic medical applications in the medical field. Due to the role of IGF-1 in the regulation of growth, it has been studied by the scientific community for the treatment of growth disorders. However, its effectiveness has been intensely debated. Since IGF-1 has anabolic properties, it’s no surprise that some bodybuilders and athletes are interested in the IGF-1 hormone to increase lean mass and performance.

A variety of dietary IGF-1supplements contain growth hormones, including IGF. Companies promote them to improve anti-aging, energy, and the immune system, among other claims.

IGF-1 Australia can cause blood sugar levels to drop. If you have diabetes, or even if you don’t, it is essential to consult your Doctor before buy IGF-1, taking supplements containing growth hormones.

Several researchers have studied which foods or nutrients increase IGF-1 levels in humans. Here again, divergent results were obtained.

According to different authors following are the nutrients and food supplements that increases IGF1 levels in humans:

Diet fat, saturated fats, and proteins, but not carbohydrates (Heald, 2003), milk,

The protein is derived from milk, fish, and poultry, but not red meat (Giovannucci, 2003)

The protein is derived from red meat, fish, seafood, and zinc (Larsson et al., 2005)

Dairy products, calcium, carbohydrates, and polyunsaturated fats (Gunnell and coworkers, 2003), breast milk (Buyukkayhan, 2003)

Many foods and nutrients increase the levels of IGF1 in humans. It means human health and disease are not yet apparent, and much more research study is needed to give us definitive answers.

These supplements are used as prescriptions by Doctors. These supplements have some positive effects but can also have negative impacts. Therefore it is better to consult Doctor before buying IGF-1. In Australia, there are many online websites available that sell IGF-1 Supplements. You can buy IGF-1 Austrailia from different online websites.


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