Melt Tech (New SR-9009) (Fat Melt and Enhanced Cardio)

SR 9009 (Stenabolic) is a brand new compound that can yield drastically improved performance capabilities in subjects through enhanced cardiovascular and metabolic output. SR 9009 is an agonist of Rev-ErbA which is a protein that is involved in the regulation of various aspects of food intake, energy expenditure, and sleep. When it binds to this protein, increasing its activity, results in an increase in skeletal muscle mitochondria.


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is a brand new compound discovered to yield drastically improved performance capabilities in subjects leading to enhanced cardiovascular output and a steady state of exercise leading to improved performance and output that has been well documented. It is known asan agonist of Rev-ErbA and increase sexercise capacity in subjects specifically by increasing mitochondria in skeletal muscle

Molecular Formula: C20H24ClN3O4S


SR-9009 (Stenabolic) is a Rev-ErbA ligand that increases the action of this protein in subjects, resulting in enhanced cardiovascular and metabolic output which has lead to some people referring to it as exercise in a bottle. This means that this fantastic compound can help subjects burn fat and build muscle while simply lounging around on the couch all day. It will also aid the effectiveness of current exercise routines, increasing the amount of energy available and allowing the user to push through to the extremes of physical activity before the body gives in.


It is an agonist of Rev-ErbA which is a protein that is involved in the regulation of various aspects of food intake, energy expenditure, and sleep. It is a protein that affects the consumption of fat and glucose in the liver and has impacts on the growth and development of fat cells as well as various inflammatory and immune responses.

When it binds to this protein, increasing its activity, this results in an increase in skeletal muscle mitochondria. This is where the largest increase in a subjects power comes from.

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and facilitates creation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from adenosine diphosphate (ADP). ATP is like food for your muscles at an atomic scale and the more ATP present the more power, strength and endurance a subject will exhibit, muscles cannot contract without using ATP.

As such an increase in skeletal muscle mitochondria also leads to increased fat loss, enhanced endurance and increased exercise capability because there are more cells available to facilitate energy conversion and storage so you can simply do more work.

The subjects resting metabolism is lifted to a higher level meaning that extra energy can be burned even when in a resting state. This leads to a leaner, and more toned body type and additional fat can be burned by doing absolutely nothing!

This compound also has an impact on circadian rhythm and may have positive impacts on sleeping patterns. It can have fantastic impacts on a subjects body clock helping them back into an optimal sleep cycle.

It has been shown to help improve cholesterol levels safely and burn fat and glucose in muscle tissue meaning that it not only helps with weight loss but also with the reduction of cholesterol which can aid in the general health and wellbeing of the cardiovascular system resulting in a stronger heart.

Furthermore, Stenabolic decreases proinflammatory cytokine IL-6 by over 70%. This means that during inflammation in muscle tissue is significantly reduced meaning a subject will experience less muscle pain associated with damage and can recover more quickly as inflammation is not causing additional issues.

When administered to mice this compound was shown to increase their endurance by over 35% and their metabolism was altered such that weight loss continued longer into rest mode than in the control set.

When using this compound a subject would have more energy available to push their body to the limit without experiencing the pain and damage associated with inflammation. They would also have an overall higher metabolic rate meaning that they burn fat faster even when not exercising actively.

Stenabolic could also provide additional benefits relating to cholesterol management and cardiovascular health.


Stenabolic has positive effects on metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes and has been shown to increase maximal oxygen consumption. This beast of a compound does not suppress the appetite like some other fat burners or thyroid accelerators


There is a bunch of discussion over whether SR9009 is a valuable compound for fat loss and endurance. Although many people group Stanabolic, or SR9009 Australia, into SARMs, it is not a SARM. It is a ReV-Erba receptor agonist. Regardless, it is often grouped with SARMs, as they are both research chemicals that have profound effects that bodybuilders find helpful. Using compounds such as SR9009, many recreational users report rapid weight loss, lower cholesterol, and increased endurance levels.

In this article, we will cover well-known side effects, diet, cycle and more, so that the users can get accurate facts and information.


Although many misguided people group SR9009 with SARMs, it is not a stanabolic SARM but a PPARδ receptor agonist. Professor Thomas Boris initially developed Stanabolic (SR9009) at the Scripps Research Institute to treat people with cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. However, it didn’t take long for bodybuilders to realize that healthy people could take SR9009 to increase endurance.

And while the SR9009 is not currently approved for human use, it has not stopped many tolerators from taking it for fun.


Stanabolic works by binding to the ReV-Erba receptor, which signals the body to increase the number of mitochondria. And if you miss anything from your biology class, it’s probably the mitochondria cell’s powerhouse. This is a significant cause why SR9009 is known to increase overall energy and endurance.

By increasing the number of mitochondria in skeletal muscle, SR9009 enables users to achieve superphysiological endurance levels. This remarkable study found that lab mice treated with SR9009 could travel very long distances and for very long periods.


It is imperative that we SR9009 buy Australia high quality, pure stainless. Some companies sell bank compounds that contain other substances that reduce the product’s effectiveness and can cause many side effects. That’s why you should buy high-quality products to get the best results and avoid potential side effects.


First, let’s look at the results people reported after their stanabolic cycles, then we’ll look at our experience with this compound. People say an immediate, incredible increase in endurance. They can run a lot without losing their breath. They are also in a much better mood because they fight Stanabolic Anxiety. Most people lose 5-6% of their body fat during the cycle when it comes to losing fat. Of course, some people only lose three, and some people lose eight or more. It all depends on food and training. But if you don’t change anything and eat caring calories, you can still expect to lose at least three body fat.


According to SR9009 studies, no human trials have been performed with Stanabolic, so many of these benefits have not been observed in humans. That being said, many consumers report a dramatic increase in endurance and energy levels for both cardiovascular and muscular exercise.

Here are some benefits of SR9009


One of the expected significant health advantages of SR9009 is that it helps consumers lose weight faster. It is probably the main advantage of the SR9009. Like Cardarin, SR9009 is a ReV-Erba Agonist, which works more quickly in the body and promotes fat reduction and cholesterol improvement. Although the long-term health effects of SR9009 have not been well studied, one thing is clear: it is one of the most potent fat loss supplements.


Another significant benefit of this medication is that it has been medically determined to enhance heart health by lowering LDL cholesterol and leaving HDL cholesterol alone. It is beneficial for anyone who uses anabolic steroids, throwing your cholesterol balance out of whack. A study published in the leading journal Nature found that rats treated SR-9009 for only seven days, lowering triglyceride levels as well as lowering total cholesterol levels.


In addition to the fat reduction effects, muscle retention effects, and endurance-boosting effects of SR9009, another significant benefit is increased energy. More energy means you can get better results at the gym. You can burn fat faster, build muscle more quickly, and it will also increase your productivity.


Another significant benefit of the SR9009 is that it dramatically increases endurance by allowing muscles to use energy more efficiently. Research of lab mice found that the compound reached significant levels of tolerance throughout the board. So, although it may not be as efficient at stretching your muscles as a drug like RAD 140 or Ligandrol, the SR-9009 is by far the best friend of endurance athletes.


So far, we have explained the benefits of SR9009. Now let’s look at the side effects. There is only one side effect that people experience, awareness. Keep in mind; some people report other side effects such as headaches, water retention, and all sorts of other side effects. It is because some companies sell Bank SR9009 and other products. These include other substances that can cause many side effects and reduce the benefits of the product. Unfortunately, some companies do this only to make a little extra money.


As we said, Rev-Erb can affect our gold patterns. This is why some people say that they have difficulty falling asleep. You can quickly get this side effect by taking food in the evening and not well before going to bed.


Finally, Stanabolic is an excellent blend for fat loss. It also has the benefits of increasing endurance, reducing anxiety, and improving heart health. The fantastic thing about this compound is that it has only one side effect: we can quickly move around without taking our food before bed.  Remember, if you train hard and keep an eye on your diet, your cycle results will be better. You can also buy your Stanabolic and other compounds from good companies. Some companies sell bank products that can cause a lot of side effects and are not as effective.


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