What Are SARMs?


SARMs stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are a particular class of anabolic compounds and hormones that contain androgens (act like testosterone) and connect with the Cellular Androgen Receptors.

They are considered to have the same effect as androgenic drugs. Still, they are selective compounds because they target only muscle tissues and do not trigger Androgen Receptors on all other organs like the prostate gland or hair follicles. SARMsare used for muscle growth and bone-building properties without affecting different parts of the body. Therefore, they help in building the user’s muscle mass. Unlike other regular hormones, a user can take them orally, thus do not cause fluctuations in testosterone blood level.


SARMs are appraised as the better alternatives for steroids. SARMs are similar to steroids, but they are not the same. Both Steroids and SARMs work by binding on the androgen receptors and trigger changes in DNA. And, as a result, both increase muscle ability to grow. But, steroids and SARMs are different in various aspects. These are:

  1. By using steroids, males and females have harmful effects like developing breasts in men or losing fertility in women. But SARMs have no such impacts.
  2. SARMsare more focused on bone and muscle growth than steroids.
  3. Steroids can increase the risk of cancers, e.g., prostate cancer, but SARMs are safer in this regard.
  4. SARMs do not cause liver toxicity, while Steroids do.


There are different types of SARMs, but here we discuss popular ones.


Ostarine SARM, known as GTx-024, Enobasarm, and MK-2866., is very efficient in building muscle tissue, reducing fat, and increasing strength. Thus, it helps in improving physical strength by increasing tendon ability, collagen turnover, and ligament health. However, it is not a steroid, but this type of SARM can have the same anabolic effects in bones and muscles as when taken a small steroid dosage.


Ligandrol orLGD-4033 is known as one of the most potent SARMs available. Most of the athletes used this SARM instead of steroids. It has strong anabolic properties and is used in increasing muscle strength, reduction of fat etc. One of the essential property of these SARMs is that it also provides Alpha feeling or many other feelings to those who use them.


S-4 Andarine’s full name is S-40503 but is known as S-4 Andarine. Most bodybuilders and gym rats use this type of SARM. Andarine is regarded as the least anabolic although most androgenic of the SARMS. It helps the body in regulating fat, increases vascularity and provides complex lean body and rigid muscles. The most important feature of using Andarine SARM is that it can give strength to the body even the user is in a caloric deficit.


The benefits of SARMs are:

  1. SARMS have the benefits of anabolic supplements.
  2. It helps in avoiding bone loss and improving strength.
  3. It decreases the threat of prostate problems in men.
  4. It provides similar effects to testosterone.
  5. It does not impede HPTA and helps muscle development.

What is good about SARMs is that their side effects are minimal. A person will have a side impact only if the user used these SARMs for four or more weeks:

  1. It can cause testicular atrophy.
  2. The main effect of it is  that it can cause virilization in women
  3. It also has the effect of Acne and Baldness.

SARMs are legal to buy, but they are not recommended for sportsmen and women. They are not nutritional supplements but experimental chemicals. So, one should be aware while using these chemicals.

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